Welcome to QUILTBAG: A Podcast About Queer History. We are a group of queer college students from all different backgrounds who work together to research, record, and produce a podcast about queer history.

Who are We?
Most of us prefer to remain known by our first names only. We are a group of students connected through our attendance at a Women’s college in the US, all identifying as queer. This podcast is the brainchild of Kit Mitchell, who got fed up with the lack of books about queer history in their local bookstore and wanted to create a way to make queer history accessible to everyone.

QUILTBAG is an acronym for “Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual, Asexual, Gay”. We like it because it spells an actual word, and encompasses more identities than just LGBT. However, we tend to shorten to queer in episodes as an umbrella for people of marginalized gender and sexuality identities.

Who we are-



Kit is a bisexual/queer, non-binary human from the mid-Atlantic suburban labyrinth. Currently comprising our entire research team, they’re passionate about representing marginalized voices and narratives, discussing queer theory and culture, and speculating about just how gay Shakespeare’s plays were. Find them anytime in their home, the library.



Aubrey is a polyamorous, agender pansexual from a part of New York that’s basically just Canada, but without the free healthcare.  They’re usually the somewhat confused voice in the room which keeps us grounded, and makes sure that we don’t get too pulled into the jargon or queer theory.  They also do a lot (all) of our sound editing.